What is an Actisol®?

A high quality, low maintenance mechanical device that combines the capacity of refillable hand sprayers, the treatment capability of misters and foggers, with the convenience and simplicity of prepackaged aerosols. These systems are designed to create optimum sized uniform insecticide particles and force them into difficult to reach harborage areas such as, ceiling and wall voids, food preparation areas and equipment, as well as cracks and crevices where insect pests live and multiply.

About Actisol®

No matter how you slice it, the Actisol® insecticide delivery systems simply outperform most other application methods by utilizing an advanced design that has a number of distinct advantages. These advantages include the safe and effective elimination of insects while using non-residual insecticides and forcing ideally-sized insecticide particles to reach insects in deep harborage with a constant flow of low pressure, high volume, clean compressed air.

Of course, when you do something right, people try to copy it. Others have tried to come up with an application system like Actisol®. Although there might be some slight similarities, overall other units pale in comparison to the design, maintenance, cost and performance of the Actisol® system.

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